A Future You

Positive planning for healthy ageing

A Future You is here to connect you to the people, activities and services you may need as you move into a new phase of your life.

If you’re 65 years or older and living in South Tyneside, simply give us a call and our friendly team will walk you through how we can help.

“I promised my late husband I would not spend my retirement stuck in a rut at home, I want to make new friends and be around people as much as possible”

‘Barbara’ from South Shields, who came to A Future You to find activities where she’d meet those new friends.

How can “A Future You” help you?

A Future You aims to help you stay connected to the things you enjoy doing, develop new interests, be active and age well by:

Connecting you to activities, events and groups going on near you that you might be interested in

Preventing ill health by understanding the positive things you can do to stay socially, emotionally and cognitively well

Maintaining your quality of life through ageing well services

From recommendations for local walking groups and keep-fit classes, to signposting you to the services that can keep you well, we’ll guide you to the fantastic resources that are available right here in South Tyneside, for you.

All you need to do is call us, and one of our friendly team will listen to your needs and interests, and take it from there.

Our Team

A Future You is run by Age Concern Tyneside South and Vision & Hearing Support, with support from South Tyneside Council. This is a pilot programme to try new ways of communicating with the people we support. We believe that by talking to you sooner, we can help you to help you live longer better, reduce the need for health and social care and reverse the effects of lockdown. You can learn more about the wider Live Longer Better campaign here.

Our team is expert in helping people to enjoy their retirement, stay connected, and age well. We’re looking forward to chatting with you and understanding what you need, what you’re interested in, and how we can support you.

Teryza Dilbert A Future You

Teryza Dilbert

Lyndsey Howe A Future You

Lyndsey Howe

Learn more about the teams behind A Future You by visiting their websites via the logos below.

Contact Us

Call A Future You free on 0800 996 1864

Email: info@ac-ts.org.uk

A Future You
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